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Though businesses are only starting to use Bulk SMS for lead generation, the benefits are obvious. You can be confident of reaching your audience, send targeted, relevant messages to specific groups, and quickly improve marketing offers by gathering data to show how campaigns are performing.

If you’ve owned your own business long enough, you’ve experienced this problem:  You need more leads. You don’t get revenue without sales and you don’t get sales without leads. A good marketing strategy to also turn potential customers into paying customers can be built around text messaging rather.

Bulk SMS for Lead Generation

You can offer a coupon, discount, or one-time deal. This is an excellent way to reach contacts less likely to purchase: Offer them a fairly specific, high-value perk that will motivate them to buy. For people who would not come in under normal circumstances, a special deal can provide the motivation they need to buy or visit the store—which also provides you an opportunity to give them a great experience and turn them into a regular customer.


An Example of Bulk SMS for Lead Generation Campaign using coupons:

Bola, who owns a makeup company, sent a text saying,

“Use the code LIPGLOSS SUMMER” to receive 5% off your next purchase! Click here www.website.com *Expires Saturday 6:59PM*”

Moving people from being unaware of your business to being engaged to being excited to buy is difficult. But, then again, it’s difficult: If it was easy, everyone would run their own business. If you own a small or online business and have struggled to generate the leads you need to hit your revenue goals. Consider trying bulk SMS for lead generation to help engage your contacts and move them closer to becoming a customer.

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