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With Bulk SMS Provider, you can send bulk SMS for appointment reminders to customers and employees. The most common reason for missed appointments is the client simply forgetting. The human brain cannot hold an infinite amount of information which means the appointment or booking they made with you is probably not high up on their list of things to remember. Which ultimately means it is something they will forget about, costing you time and money in the process.

A reminder in the form of a simple text message can reduce these lost opportunities by as much as 90%.


Bulk SMS for Appointment Reminders


Sending appointment reminders will not only reduce missed appointments, saving you money, but customers satisfaction will also increase as a result. Making them feel like their booking is truly important to you, and you really don’t want them to miss it.

Simple SMS reminders are great, but by making them personal and including the customers name, date and time of appointment/booking, and any other information you think they would need, will really help drive fewer missed appointments.

How to use bulk SMS for appointment reminders

Likewise,  can now automatically send voice and SMS reminders to reap a host of benefits.

All you need is a Bulk SMS provider that allows you to send messages to a large number of people at once.

Appointment reminder messages – doctors/opticians
“Don’t forget your doctor’s appointment at 10.30am today with Dr Adegoke. If you need to reschedule, please call the surgery on 0123 456 7890”

“We have you booked in for your eye appointment tomorrow at 1.30pm and didn’t want you to forget. To reschedule please fill out this form www.website.com”

Booking reminder messages – Hotels
“We are looking forward to you staying with us on the 29th August at Hibiscus Hotels. If you have any specific requirements, please fill out this form www.website.com”

Automated reminders provide clients with advance notice to reschedule or cancel their appointments.

This allows you to move other clients off the waiting list and prevents them from potentially going elsewhere for quicker service.



In today’s busy world, time is scarce and clients have busy lives. Automatic reminders can be the single most important thing you do to ensure you stay at the top of their to-do list, and utilize your time effectively.

Also, using our platform will also allow you to schedule your reminders to deliver at any of your preferred time.

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