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Whatever your definition of success is with your webinar strategy, Bulk SMS for webinar promotion can be beneficial.

Whether you’re simply looking to grow brand awareness, a high registration and attendance numbers may be all you’re looking for. You may also be looking to grow sales, in which case you’re most concerned about attendees and then whatever follow-up you do with them in hopes of winning their business with Bulk SMS Provider.

What is great about texting is that it excels at short, simple communication and it has unparalleled engagement rates relative to other marketing channels. For both of these reasons, it can be an excellent method for improving webinar marketing results.

Bulk SMS for webinar promotion

Ways to use Bulk SMS for Webinar Promotion:

  • Use bulk SMS to remind users about your webinar.
  • Try text messages to remind and follow-up with users about upcoming events and webinars.
  • Send out a link to the webinar replay to people who signed up but did not attend. This allows even no-shows to have a chance to view the webinar on their own time.
  •  You can send out mobile surveys asking follow-up questions asking attendees what they thought of the webinar. E.g., what was most helpful, what was least interesting, and so on.
  • Also, you can use texting to request time for a follow-up conversation with a member of your sales team.

With 1 click, you could be sending SMS reminders and follow-ups to every webinar registrant. We can send everyone their unique join link automatically.

During the promotion phase, SMS can be used in partnership with email and social media-based marketing strategies. Because SMS is consent based, you obviously cannot broadcast your webinar announcement to a large audience via texting.



However, what you can do is request a phone number as part of the webinar signup form. Ask registrants if they are willing to receive texts from you. You can text them confirmation of their registration and provide them with a link to sign in to the webinar when it starts.

If you’d like to get started using Bulk SMS for webinar promotion, Register now to create your bulk SMS account today!

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