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Bulk text messaging is the circulation of large volume of SMS messages to to specified group of numbers. It is fast becoming a tool used globally buy both small and large organisations to promote their products and services. it comes in handy when there is need to send out alerts, reminders, promotional messages and invitations.

For Bulk text messaging to be successful, there has to be a database of numbers available to receive the messages so the more the database the population of people that will be reached. Usually Bulk SMS companies have database of numbers sorted according to demographics (age, sex, location) available for sale to interested customers that do not have their own database.


Bulk text messaging


In sending and receiving, various software packages are available. These software packages allows the customers to add, save and manage as many numbers as possible on the platform. The bulk SMS platform allows customer to either type in their numbers directly in to the field provided for numbers. Most times more advanced application correct errors of duplicated numbers and also help verify the numbers before the messages are sent out to the recipients. Sophisticated also allow scheduling of messages to be sent out  at a particular time or day both locally and internationally depending on the terms of the bulk SMS service provider.

Benefits of Bulk Text Messaging

Financial institutions, restaurants, hotels, service companies and retail outlets all have use for bulk SMS services.  It goes without saying that one of the fastest and reliable ways to reach people is through their mobile phones. Companies (banks) use bulk text messaging as a tool to stay connected and maintain a good relationships with their customers. For examples; for sending out personalized birthday messages, season greetings, payment confirmations and promotional messages.



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