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Bulk SMS reseller

Bulk SMS reseller activities get you employed and you can even employ people if you wish. It is hassle free and very easy to set up.

The world population keeps increasing every day. This has resulted in a high rate of unemployment, the available jobs are less, compared to the working population.

In addition, being a re-seller is that side hustle that enables you to earn more income.

The basic tools needed to be a Voice/Bulk SMS reseller is a laptop and access to connect to the internet connection.

You can also do it alongside other business to earn extra cash.



  • You earn extra income from being a bulk SMS reseller.
  • It isn’t time-consuming, it can be done alongside other businesses.
  • You don’t need to have an office (except he or she desires) and can, therefore, work from anywhere across the world.
  • You become a CEO after registering your business with CAC.
  • It doesn’t require you to know anything about programming or web design.



All you need to be a Bulk SMS reseller

To be a reseller all you need is to buy N20,000 worth of credit and we will provide you with an admin interface where you can create an account and a sending portal where your clients can send bulk SMS and voice SMS.

Note that we will only give you a platform that you can integrate with your website. The amount for designing a website is subject to your taste.

You can set up a reseller account in 20 minutes. Start now and earn more money without stress!

Contact Adeola (08132382743) for more info.

Use Bulk SMS Provider Nigeria for a reliable bulk SMS service. We cater to the various industry including health care.

We have input every development in technology that gives advantage to making life easier for people.


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