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Top SMS Sending Service In Nigeria

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We are the top SMS sending service provider in Nigeria. No set-up fees. Easy to use features and affordable SMS service charges.

As we all know SMS is an incredibly effective tool for businesses, whether it is being used for appointment reminders, customer support, important information, delivery notifications or marketing and promotions – SMS works incredibly well.

In fact no matter what the message is, or what the business sector is, SMS has the ability to reach millions of customers, instantly and effectively in just a click.


SMS over the years has not really changed since the first message was sent over 25 years ago. The incredible open rate of 98%, makes it an incredibly powerful method of communication for businesses to communicate with their customers on. Simple straight to the point text, followed by a website link or call to action, means it is amazingly effective for businesses.

Top SMS Sending Service Campaign Ideas for Businesses:

1. News Updates
If you have important information or news to share with your customers about your business, sending an SMS to give them an update will do just fine.

2. Appointment Reminders
Send more detail and content on your appointment reminders, whilst instilling trust with your own branded and business. Ensure to include directions and relevant contact details in your message with a time specification.

3. Events
As the top SMS sending service, Bulk SMS Provider is perfect for launching events and sending invites. For Instance, you can send wedding invites to guests or a Church invite to members using Bulk SMS Provider platform.

4. Transaction alerts
SMS is also great for transaction alerts for banks and other financial institutions.

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Bulk SMS Provider has some interesting SMS feature that helps businesses and brands communicate with their customers and prospects in an effective and professional manner. We provide:

  • Real-time delivery reporting
  • Instant access to your contacts from your device
  • Free 24/7 customer support



No matter what business sector you are in, using the best SMS sending service can play an important role. It gives you the vehicle for cost effective communications with unrivaled reach.

Whether you are sending thousands of personalised messages or just one, our powerful bulk SMS service makes it easy.

Want to schedule campaigns to go out at a specific time, no problem? See delivery reports, SMS replies and response phone calls from customers in real time, all from your own computer or tablet.

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