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Top Bulk SMS Companies In Nigeria | Bulk SMS Provider

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Bulk SMS Provider is one of the top Bulk SMS companies in Nigeria with about 10 years’ experience and over 30,000 satisfied customers. Bulk SMS companies allow users to send SMS to a large volume of recipients at once through an online platform, mobile app, or API.

The fast spread of internet services has necessitated the design of several internet-friendly devices to enable users to access the internet from wherever they are. Examples of these internet-friendly devices are mobile phones, Personal computers, Laptops, taps, iPad, and now televisions.

Bulk SMS platforms allow subscribers to send out messages to as many mobile numbers as possible at a fixed rate. There are several bulk SMS companies that offer bulk SMS in Nigeria.


Top Bulk SMS Companies In Nigeria

Common Features of Bulk SMS Companies

Most of the bulk SMS companies in Nigeria offer similar services. Some of the common features are;

Providing delivery reports for every SMS sent on their platform.

Scheduling of messages based on the time and date the user wants the messages sent out, customized sender IDs (i.e. the name the user wants to show when the senders receive the messages on their phone).

Most time the service providers platforms vary in terms of the charges, some charge less than the others depending on the quality of service. The platforms also give room for subscribers who wants to be re-sellers and allow them to charge as it suits them.

The first step is to create an account then users can fund their accounts using their cards (MasterCard, verve, or visa) or via the ATM or pay at the bank over the counter after which the user is expected to send transaction details to the number provided on the website.



Some of the top bulk SMS companies in Nigeria include:

BetaSMS: BetaSMS has different packages which are starter package, premium package, pro package, and business package. Starter package offer as low as #2.50 for 1000- 9,9999 SMS/units. Premium offers #2.00 for 10,000- 49,999 SMS/ units. The pro package offers as low as #1.90 per SMS for 50,000- 99,999 SMS/units. And the Business package offers #1.85 per SMS for 100,000 and above SMS/units

SMS Provider: Charges #2.99 for MTN, 2.50 for GLO and Airtel, and 1.99 for 9 M0bile per SMS for less than 10,000 numbers.

For the premium package: 2.89 for MTN, 2.45 for Glo and Airtel, and 1.89 for 9mobile. 10,000- 99,999 numbers

Pro package (100, 000 and above numbers): 2.85 for MTN, 2.35 for Glo and Airtel and 1.85 for 9Mobile.

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