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SMS marketing in Nigeria

SMS marketing in Nigeria and the rest of the world focuses on communicating your message quickly and succinctly to the customer.

It is a form of mass communication that allows business owners to engage with their audience via mobile technology. This means that text messages are made and sent to a group of numbers. It is often with a special promotion or timely offer.

It is a proven fact that a good marketing strategy is the backbone of all profitable business/organization. This is because marketing your products/service helps to generate income for businesses (home or office based).
SMS Marketing in NigeriaSMS marketing is an essential marketing strategy you must consider. It is very cheap with a high return on investment. Is your marketing aim transactional, promotional or for brand awareness? Using SMS marketing will serve you effectively.

For you to get the maximum benefit from your SMS marketing, you need an efficient platform like bulk SMS provider. We are highly respected by our customers because of our top-notch service. Register now to start!

Here are a few tips you can follow to get the most out of your bulk SMS marketing strategy:

  1. Make it short and clear

Make good use of the 160 characters you have to win over the customer, so try to be efficient with your use of words.

Open with the information that is most important to the customer. Show them the value they are being offered first!

NEVER use emoji in your messages! More often than not, this will make your business look unprofessional or even patronizing.

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  1. Include a call to action

Your message should always include something the customer can act on your message. Time-sensitive, SMS-exclusive deals are an easy and obvious choice.

Without a time-sensitive offer or SMS-exclusive offer, your customer may be wondering why you didn’t use email instead. It is vital to know when to use text and when to use email!

  1. Schedule your texts well

Do you want customers to read your message when they are on their lunch break at work, or when they’re back at home with some free time?

Avoid texting early in the morning or late at when, when your customers would probably prefer privacy, and don’t overwhelm your customer with too many messages!

You should also think about the best day of the week to send messages to maximize its effectiveness.

As a general rule, texting your customers more than once a week is probably pushing it.

  1. Track your results!

The only way to make sure each campaign is more successful than the last is to have the data to analyze what worked and what didn’t.

Whatever the strategy you are thinking of, you can’t ignore the listed points above. Bulk SMS provider is one of the leading platforms for SMS marketing in Nigeria. We will ensure all your strategies are effective. Sign up now to make your SMS marketing strategy yield profit.


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