SMS Delivery Report Overview

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sms delivery report

SMS Delivery reports is a breakdown report that shows the current status of all messages sent to a particular or group of the recipient.  Checking your SMS delivery report will enable you to track your Bulk SMS blast.

SMS delivery report overview. Below is a description of the likely status you get when you send out your messages

SMS Delivery Report Overview

In addition, when you need to do SMS delivery report, below is a description of the likely status you get when you send out your messages.

1.         Delivered


Mobile number is correct; the message has been successfully delivered to the handset.
2.         Submitted


The SMS Works platform has accepted the message but no delivery report has yet been received from the networks.
3.         Undelivered


The message could not be delivered.
4.         Failed


The message was rejected by The SMS Works Platform.

Also note that your SMS delivery report will stay on the platform for a maximum of 14 days. You can also download your delivery report if you wish.

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Above all, one of Bulk SMS Provider’s business is to ensure the delivery of your messages at all times.

However, to ensure smooth delivery of messages, we have put together a list of banned words that may hinder safe delivery.

Some words are red-flagged to help curb the increasing rate of spam and dubious messages.

In addition to this, our goal is to consistently provide the best solutions to delivery issues.

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