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SMS communication

Poor communication is frustrating in the workplace and can lead to poor performance, lack of teamwork, low morale and reduced profits.

A breakdown in communication can quickly lead to conflict. In fact, the only issue may be a misunderstanding of another party’s expectations. It can further lead to

  • No collaborative efforts
  • Unchecked gossip
  • Closed loops

One way to combat miscommunication that leads to conflict is to establish clear communication practices for your company/business. Fortunately, Bulk SMS is one of the ways to improve communication and reduce conflict.

Use bulk SMS has one of your strategy for better communication. Bulk SMS is a very low-cost method of contacting a large number of staff and customers.

Bulk SMS is of a higher advantage because texts are much more likely to be promptly opened than emails – just about everyone checks their texts multiple times a day.

Even after sending email, there is every chance your message could end up in the junk folder without your recipient ever knowing it existed. A problem you don’t need to worry about with texting.

Scheduling your bulk SMS is also easier than email. You are not relying on being connected to the internet when your text goes out, so the message is more likely to arrive when you want it to.

You can also use bulk SMS to share links about

  • Meeting minutes
  • Project updates
  • Chain of command

However, there are various Bulk SMS providers in the world. They offer both voice SMS and text message. Before you patronize any of the platforms, there are features you should look out for. Irrespective of whatever features you want, Bulk SMS Provider has you covered. Check out our exceptional features here

Sign up now to start using bulk SMS to communicate with your staffs and customers. You can also integrate our API into your website to give you a seamless effective communication.

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