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Send Personalized Text Messages This Easter

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send personalized text messages

Send personalized text messages by using a person’s name in conversation creates a culture of respect, recognition, and consideration for the discussion.

Reasons to send personalized text messages

A famous quote from Dale Carnegie says, “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

Most people put value in their name, and they should! It’s part of who they are.

It also grabs people attention and increases their interest in what you want to say.

Why should I send personalized messages?

The name sets the individual apart: it makes him or her unique among all others.

send personalized text messagesSo, when you address an individual by his/her name, it creates a sense of importance and they respond by giving rapt attention. When you send out bulk messages, try to personalize the message to fit each recipient. Do this on our platform with no stress.

Even when they’re not personalized, bulk SMS messages are a highly effective form of communication. In fact, people read 90% of text messages within three minutes of being received. And 45% of them receive a response. These impressive engagement rates are even higher when the text messages are personalized.

Consumers receive a lot of promotional messages every day. Your audience is likely to interact with a message that feels like it was written specifically for them. They need to feel like they’re being spoken to—not being spoken at—and this precisely what personalized text messages do.

How to send personalized text messages

You can’t send personalized messages to people using your personal line, you need a bulk SMS platform. Our bulk SMS platform is the best for you to send your personalized messages.

Kindly follow the procedures below to start sending personalized text messages;

#1. Register or Log into your account

#2. Credit your bulk SMS account by buying our reliable bulk SMS. Click here to know how to credit your bulk SMS account.

#3. Click on message, then text message, then click on text merge.

#4. The first box titled browse file is for you upload the document containing your contacts and the name of the recipient of your message.

Please note that your document must be a ‘txt’ file (note) or ‘csv’ (excel). This is found on every Android phone. Kindly download from play store if you don’t have on your phone.

Your document should be arranged properly. For instance, you have 5 number and they bear 5 different names. You must arrange your numbers followed by their names like this;

08033778899, TOLA

09187366687, SADE

08184573782, SARAH

08156678771, ADUNNI

08125677831, TOSIN

You can add other personalized content you want the message to carry. For instance, each person is to pay some amount of money, state it like this;

08033778899, TOLA,       500

09187366687, SADE,       300

08184573782, SARAH,    200

08156678771, ADUNNI   100

08125677831, TOSIN         50

Kindly ensure that you use a comma to separate the numbers and the personalized contacts from one another.

Save the information and upload the document on the site.

#5. The second box titled sender, you put what you want your recipient to receive your message as e.g CAC JOS. Please note that the sender ID mustn’t exceed 11 characters.

#6. The last box titled message is where you put the content of your message. Let’s take for instance that your message is to inform your recipient about their balance. It will be written as

Dear (1) your account balance has been credited with (2). Thank you for choosing us.

Remember the first contact is 08033778899, TOLA,500.

So the system will automatically replace (1) for Tola and (2) for 500.

Subsequent numbers will also get the same changes.

This means for the second number, the system will automatically replace (1) for Sade and (2) for 300.

For the third number, the system will automatically replace (1) for Sarah and (2) for 200.

This will be likewise done for all the remaining numbers.

Please don’t check the schedule button if you want your messages delivered immediately. Check the schedule button only if you want your recipients to receive the messages later. For instance, Birthday messages.

#8. Click on SEND to send personalized text messages immediately.

You have more questions?, contact Adeola (08132382743)

Click here to read on how to check your delivery report


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