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SMS marketing

Bulk SMS marketing is a cheap, wide-reaching method of getting in touch with a large number of customers. It requires an opt-in from the recipient, so you always need to support them with a lead generation strategy. Example of a lead generation strategy is including a link or phone number they can reach in your SMS.

People generally check a new text as soon as they are able, giving SMS marketing a good open rate and response time.

This fact allows you to use time-sensitive offers and discounts to encourage an immediate conversion. This is great for converting potential customers with a first-time purchase or sign-up offer, or building brand loyalty by sending regular discount codes to existing customers.

Fast open rates also enable you to capitalize on current events by quickly reacting with a related offer or marketing message, as well as generate a response to marketing and offers from your competitors.

When it comes to getting the most out of your bulk SMS marketing (campaign), there are 3 key areas to consider:

1. Targeting

SMS is a personal way to communicate with your audience, so your marketing should be equally personal. Avoid sending out generalized texts to your entire mailing list, instead target demographic groups within your audience for a specific message.

Focus on offering related or follow-up products and services to what the customer has already bought from you, as you don’t really have space to give a lot of information.

Bulk SMS Marketing

2. Timing

The time of day your texts go out has a major influence on their impact.

Think about whether customers are more likely to immediately respond to your offer on their lunch break, when they are settled back at home in the evening or when they have some free time at the weekend.

3. Content

Communicate clearly and get straight to the point with the deal or product you are offering.

Bulk SMS marketing with the best conversion rate often offers an exclusive discount to the recipient, with a short deadline on the deal, including both a reason and the means to immediately respond to the text before it is forgotten about.

Considering the audience, timing and content of your SMS marketing campaign are vital to achieving the best results, and as long as you are thinking about these three things, your marketing campaign should be able to make a successful impact.

4. Bulk SMS platform

Most importantly, you need an excellent bulk SMS platform to send out your messages. We provide our customers with the best and cheapest bulk SMS sending services that promise them results. We ensure our customers value for their money.

Moreover, our free customer support service is available 24/7 to help everybody out.



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