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SMS delivery

People wonder if SMS marketing still has significant value in this time of social media and instant messengers like WhatsApp.

Amazingly, Short Message Service and text messages are still ranked as the most fundamental and valuable mode of marketing communication.

When using SMS as a mode of marketing, it is important you use brief and effective content to communicate with your audience.

Below are 4 major reasons to consider SMS marketing for your retail business:

SMS marketing

  • Interactive Content:

    SMS marketing allows you to receive quick feedback from your recipients. Add a “reply” button or a link to a landing page. So that your audience can communicate with you directly with no delay.

  • Instant message delivery:

    The moment you hit send, delivery is almost instant. You can set up a marketing campaign via SMS and generate hundreds of clicks or user feedback within minutes.

  • Cost effective:

    This is a major factor to consider when launching a marketing campaign. With Bulk SMS, marketing is cost-effective because you get to pay less for a large volume of Mobile Numbers. Thanks to the premium package available on bulk SMS platform.

  • Message Scheduling:

    For situations when you are swamped with work and you might not get the chance to send out SMS to your customers at a particular time. Scheduling comes in handy. This feature allows users to postpone the time of SMS delivery to the recipient.

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