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How To Send Bulk SMS From Mobile Phones

SMS Provider has provided solutions on how to send bulk SMS from mobile phones to contacts saved on the same phone without having to write out every number on paper first which is a very long and stressful process. To be able to enjoy this easy bulk SMS service, sign up on the platform. The following are the easy steps to get started on your Android phone:

The first step after registration has been completed is to go Contacts on your Android phone.
Click on the option key and select Import/ Export
Choose the location where the numbers are saved and want to export them from, it could be the phone or SIM.
Select the destination you want the numbers exported to (phone preferably).
Then, select the numbers you want exported or simply click the Select All button if you wish to export all the contact numbers.
Once you’ve done that, your contacts are exported and saved as a VCF file on your mobile phone.

To get started on your bulk SMS account:
Once you are done exporting the phone numbers as VCF file on the phone, log in to your bulk SMS account at SMS Provider.
Fill in the Sender ID for your message in the space provided for Sender ID under the Send SMS page.
Under the Recipients box, click on Upload Recipients.
Select Choose File.
Select Documents from the pop up that follows.
Next select File Explorer.
Choose the VCF file you have saved earlier
Once you’ve done this, the phone numbers you exported earlier have been uploaded.
You can proceed to type the body of your message and click on SEND SMS.

With these easy steps, you can send bulk SMS from your Android phone as well as save the exported contacts on your computer as a backup in case you lose the contacts on your phone.