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Voice SMS

What is Voice SMS

A voice SMS is a pre-recorded message that comes in as a call on the recipient’s phone.

Voice SMS could either be a pre-recorded voice message or a text converted to speech.

Also, a voice SMS can be as long as 120 seconds.

Most importantly, it is advisable to keep it short to avoid higher charges.

What is a voice call

A voice call is a completely automated process. This means you don’t need an operator or dialer to process the call.

Once you upload the pre-recorded message and contact list, click on the send button.

The system automatically dials all the recipient’s phone numbers to deliver the recorded voice message.

The voice call comes in twice just in case the first call was missed by the recipient.

Voice SMSBenefits of Voice SMS

  • No language barrier. A user can send a voice message in the language of their preference.
  • Convey user emotions/expression compare to text messages.
  • Send your voice message to mobile and landline networks across the world.
  • Providing critical information during critical times, helps clients to prosper and thereby increases customer loyalty.
  • Send and receive your voice message at any time because most people keep their phones close to them always.
  • It is an automatic way of relaying critical information.

Use of Voice SMS

Do you know that first voice that responds each time you call a customer care line?

That same voice that gives you information on what to do.

Would you like to use the same method to reach your customers, promote your market, send birthday wishes and prayer points, run campaigns and much more?

After all, all you need is a platform that grants you access to that service.

There are lots of companies that provide this service but one needs to be on the lookout for the most effective provider.

Meanwhile, Bulk SMS provider is one of the leading Voice SMS providers in Nigeria. We are always concerned about delivering value to our customers at all times.

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