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About bulkSMSprovider

BulkSMSprovider is the best bulk SMS platform. BulkSMSprovider encourages the use of SMS as an online marketing tool. We have been in business since 2010.

How do I create my own bulk SMS account?

Click here to create an account. Please use a valid email address and Phone number.

How do I send messages on the bulk SMS platform?

In order to send SMS messages from your Bulk SMS account, you need to register or Sign in, fund your account, upload or add your contacts, input your message and send.

Do you deliver to DND?

Yes, we deliver but it is a partial delivery.

Setting Up An Account

What are the fees involved in setting up an account?

The only fee involved is that you use to fund your account. Your money doesn’t expire.

How much does it cost to send SMS?

The cost of sending bulk SMS is dependent on:

  • The cost per SMS in the package you are currently.
  • Availability of DND route.
  • The location the SMS messages are being sent to.

How many messages can i send at a time?

You can send messages to 150,000 numbers at maximum

Do you provide API?

We provide API, it will be e-mailed to you on request. Contact Adeola (08132382743)

Managing My Account