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Bulk SMS for Schools

Bulk SMS for schools come handy anytime. This is because it enables you to communicate with parents/guardians, colleagues and school staff.

Also, most Parents/Guardian have little or no access to their children/wards performance at school.

Informing parents of activities going on in school will promote the learning capability of their children.

To a large extent, truancy and poor academic performance is based on the absence of an effective communication system.

It is therefore important that communication is effective between school administration and parents/guardians.

To achieve this, you need a platform that provides this means of communication

Bulk SMS provider gives a platform that allows direct means of communicating with parents/guardian.

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With our bulk SMS platform, your institution can use this service in the various ways mentioned below:

  • Performance mobile alert
  • Educational news
  • Fees dues(increment, arrears etc.)
  • Emergency mobile notice to parents/guardian
  • Homework reminder mobile alert
  • Examination fees and exam dates reminder
  • School re-opening and vacation dates reminder
  • Sending important management decisions to employees
  • Policies of school concerning hair-do, a dress-code etc reminder
  • T.A. meetings reminder
  • Speech & Prize Giving day reminder
  • Fundraising, sporting activities, and excursions
  • Registration date announcement
  • Complete payment of fees acknowledgment
  • Alerting parent/guardians of absenteeism
  • Public Holidays alert
  • Staff Meeting Alerts

Other Uses of Bulk Messaging SMS for Schools

Bulk SMS for schools has a lot of practical uses that can contribute to schools efficient operation.

Instead of printing/distributing school timetables and details of social activities, you can send text messages containing all the information to parents.

You can also use bulk text messaging for schools to send students links to where they will find course information.

Schools and SMS messaging is a good combination to advertise the dates for future parent/teacher meetings.

Also, to ensure that permission slips are received, to request donations, and to inform parents of absenteeism or outstanding fees.

Notify teachers and school administrators of future staff meetings via SMS for schools.

Bulk SMS provider offers the best service that commands high value for your money.

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