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Bulk SMS Portal In Nigeria | SMS Provider

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Bulk SMS Portal can be described as application-to-person SMS messaging services. It refers specifically to the sending of a large volume of SMS messages to the mobile phones of a predetermined group of recipients. Bulk SMS portal offers a simple API integration system and a cost-effective method for brands and businesses to send messages in a specified manner to as many recipients as possible both within and outside the country. The bulk SMS provider portal is straightforward and gives subscribers the opportunity to test run their services.

The first step in sending out bulk SMS is to create an account. A standard registration form usually consists of Contact Name, Email address, phone number, username, and password.  The new sign-ups can change their password when needed.

The next step is to fund the account to be able to start sending messages to recipients. The minimum amount that can be paid in most bulk SMS platforms is #1000. After payment has been made into one of the bank options provided by the service provider, the subscriber is required to send the following details in; email address, the amount paid, the bank paid into to be credited by the service provider.


Bulk SMS Portal

Some features you will find on bulk SMS portal dashboard:

Messaging: The dropbox under messaging shows:

Test message

Call message

Text merge

Extractor: This feature allows users to remove duplicated numbers in a list.

  1. Directory: the “Directory” options allow users to save their contacts on the platform. Below are the steps:
  • To save, click on numbers
  • the new page input the “list name”
  • Paste the Mobile numbers in the “numbers” box
  • The Sender ID is optional especially if you plan to change often
  • Scroll down and save.


  1. Reports: here you will find the delivery report option where you can view a breakdown of all the SMS that has been sent.
  2. Account: Under “accounts” users can check pricing, recharge with their debit cards, view their profile information, and send a message to support.

Organizations- financial institutions, restaurants, hotels, service companies, and retail outlets all have used for bulk SMS portal services. Bulk SMS one of the fastest and reliable ways to reach people is through their mobile phones. Companies (banks) use bulk text messaging as a tool to stay connected and maintain a good relationship with their customers. For example, for sending out personalized birthday messages, season greetings, payment confirmations, and promotional messages.




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