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What is Our Bulk SMS Gateway Price?

Bulk SMS gateway price depends on the number of units and credit consumed, the more the credit consumed the higher the charge per SMS. The emergence of internet technology has subsequently increased the population of mobile phone users. With more people using mobile phones, it means more people can receive text messages on their phones. The large market has motivated more bulk SMS companies to spring up over the years making the industry more competitive than it used to be. Of course, the very competitive industry has key bulk SMS service providers on their toes by constantly upgrading their system to keep up the growing trends in technology.

Bulk SMS is officially the fastest and the most convenient method of reaching many people within a short time-frame. Bulk SMS gateway price varies, some service providers have set their prices very low while others have set their prices a little higher because they run a more sophisticated platform. In most platforms the more the quantity of number the lower the charge per SMS will be. At SMS Provider, our bulk sms gateway price is very affordable and cheap.
Our pricing starts at #1.85, depending on the package you choose. You are sure to get always excellent delivery rate, a free SMS account, flat rate to all networks, 24/7 Live support, plus API!
You can check our pricing page for more details and contact our Customer support at any time.

Some of the major common features are; sending delivery reports for every SMS sent on our platform, Scheduling of messages based on the time the user wants the messages sent out, customized sender IDs (i.e the name the user wants to show when the senders receive the messages on their phone). We also give room for subscribers who want to be re-sellers and allow them to set their own charges.