Banned Words Hindering SMS Delivery

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Banned Words Hindering SMS Delivery

Banned words hindering SMS delivery are numerous.

One of bulk SMS provider’s business is to ensure the delivery of your messages at all times.

However, to ensure smooth delivery of messages, we put together a list of banned words and red-flagged words that may hinder safe delivery.

In other words, these red-flagged words help curb the increasing rate of spam and dubious messages.

Our goal is to consistently provide the best solutions to delivery issues.

Below is a list of some words banned by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

Using any of these words in your SMS can hinder delivery. Please rephrase if your messages contain any of these words. Also, ensure you avoid them.

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Some banned words hindering SMS delivery

180, 18o, 30yrstcwcn, adamsa, b0nus, bankm3py, bbc, bounty, c0ngrats, c0ngratulati0ns, cantvnet, casino, ccocalivecouk, chisom, claimtoday, cocacola, code, cokegrant2012livecom, congrat, esqhillwcn, euro, fuck, gio, gl0lwinner, gn, gnetsmslivecom, inc, l0ttery, lottery, lotto, million, mlttryusawcn, mobile, mt, mtn, mtnn, mtnng, n0k, n0kiauk, n15m, nexteldrawslivecouk, nk015, nlc013livecouk, nok, nokia, nokla, ntm, number, orji, promo, service180, sexual, sexy, sim, stanbicibtc, strip, tn, tnn, tnng, tnwin, toyota, tsms04livecom, twitter, uba, uk, usamltywcn, w0n, w1n, wbre2galanet, wbregalanet, weepstakes, win, wining, wo, won, wow, wwwmtndaysorg, wwwmymtnsimcom

Bulk SMS provider has a feature specifically designed to notify you if your message contains any of these banned words.

Once you get the notification for using these banned words, rephrase and hit send.

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