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What is SMS delivery report

SMS delivery report is a feature that reports back if every message sent has been delivered. Bulk SMS provider gives instant and real-time delivery. Downloading your report comes in handy whenever you want to go through your delivery status or you need to know the percentage of your messages that were delivered.

You can also present it to your boss or whoever requests for it.

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Kindly follow the procedures below on how to download your delivery report;

#1. Create an account or Log into your account.

#2. Credit your bulk SMS account by buying our reliable bulk SMS. Click here to know how to credit your bulk SMS account.

#3. Send your bulk SMS. Check here on how to send bulk SMS.

#4. Click on Report, under reports click on downloads.

#5. Please backdate if your messages were sent days ago.

Kindly note that delivery report of any message sent cannot remain on the platform later than 2 weeks. Bulk SMS provider will continually have the interest of their customers at heart in order to give you the best value for your money.

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