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SMS provider

Bulk SMS provider is one of the fastest growing bulk SMS services in Nigeria. It is with an extensive range of API keys to meet your business needs in a flexible manner.

Bulk SMS provider offers the following features

Customized Sender ID

Sender ID is what appears on people’s phones to show who the SMS is from. For instance, your company name, your event name, your product name, your restaurant name, your school name, your church’s name, etc.

Web Panel

Our web-based application that lets you send SMS messages to your customers, members or anyone else direct from your web browser.

You can message them individually or in groups. Our panel even allows you to schedule messages for a later time for it to be delivered.

SMS Gateway

It is the perfect solution for companies who need advanced mobile messaging features without extensive investment or user training, by simply integrating your existing system or database with our mobile transaction platform via our HTTP “Get” or “Post” API

Text to Speech

We can convert your typed message into loving Voice clip.  You could also send a custom message to each client for more personal communication.

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Benefits of using bulk SMS provider platform

Direct access to the recipient.

Competitive pricing, no setup fees.

High levels of security and traffic transparency.

Different connectivity methods over HTTP protocols.

SLA-Guaranteed services.

We have incorporated various elements to ensure your SMS is delivered to your recipient in time.  Your contacts are also safe from malicious attacks. This makes bulk SMS provider the ideal choice for clients who insist on secure traffic and absolute reliability.

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